New high for rising star

By Mathias Huckert 15 July 2016, 12:00AM

The time is right for Romeo T. Sabbath. He might only be 16-years- old but even at this early stage of his life, he has achieved goals many others much, much older than him can only dream of. 

He has won an outstanding number of casting shows, worked with the big names in the music world and is already teaching the art of music to others. 

Now, his creativity has reached a new high, with his first record completed and the launch of his first music video tomorrow at The Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show.

For Romeo, he was born with a talent.

 “Since the age of three years, Romeo has always loved to sing,” says his Mother, Ruby Misa Sabbath. “It was just a natural thing for him, when he was five years old, he already sang in front of an audience in church.”

Ten years after these experiences, Romeo was ready for the biggest challenge he had yet to face: Star Search. 

In last year’s edition of the popular music show, the back then only 15 years old artist was able to prevail against more than 200 other participants, which was considered to be the largest number of attendants the show had ever seen in Samoa. 

Each and every one of them longing for the same dream – a successful career in the musical business.

Most competitions share the idea that there can only be one winner. 

In the case of last year’s Star Search edition, it was Romeo Sabbath. Even though as the show’s winner, he could not expect a professional record deal, Romeo was determined to make use of what he had available, being his voice, the newly gained attention and the ability to work as hard as he could to reach for the stars.

And he did make use of it. Having already been noticed by Pieter Tuhoro, a New Zealand based R & B singer and music producer for whom Romeo had been the opening act for a family concert held at Apia’s X Club, he was guaranteed a future as a professional musician.

Just this year, Romeo has taken yet another musical step forward, with the launching of his first music video. At the grandly announced Sinnet Fashion Show tomorrow at the newly opened Taumeasina Island Resort, the young artist’s original song will be launched.

For Romeo T. Sabbath, who is currently still attending Fa’atuatua College, the hype that emerged around him as a person is just another challenge that he has to keep up, but as an artist, he is very well aware that his voice is being heard – in any imaginable sense. 

“With my lyrics, I try to address acceptance [and] inspiration without the influence of alcohol, drugs and violence or peer pressure which young people like me are becoming more and more vulnerable”.

The importance of music in his life has already transferred the importance of many different values to him. “Music is an international language of the heart, it has no limitations or bounds, but transcends beyond culture, age, gender, belief or sociality.”

With these words being uttered by a young artist like Romeo Sabbath, one can only try to divine what his musical future holds for him, but one thing is for sure: he already reached for his stars and what he got was already a handful of success.

By Mathias Huckert 15 July 2016, 12:00AM
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