The question of Samoa as a Christian nation

Dear Editor,

Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation?

Christianity, Islam and Judaism are religious belief systems derived from father Abraham in the Old Testament. Abraham is a well-known Astrologer according to the bible that is from the area called Ur. 

From Abraham, Moses to Jesus are the representation of astrological Archetype that stem from 2000 year periods. Abraham being the sign of (Taurus the bull) astrologically ruled for 2000 years was dethroned by Moses (Aires the ram), signifying by the killing of the bull for another 2000 years. 

Remember when Moses supposedly came down with the Ten Commandments and the Israelites were worshiping the golden calf and was so upset that he threw the Ten Commandments down and destroyed the golden calf and killed a lot of Israelites? 

Well, he was upset that the Israelites were still worshiping Taurus the bull and yet they were in the constellations of (Aires the Ram), the constellation of Taurus is over with, that’s why Moses has horns of a Ram in some of the pictures you see.Jesus in the constellation of (Pisces) ) the two fish just finished his ministry for another 2000 years in preparation for the ushering in of ( Aquarius ) the water bearer. 

Luke 22 verse 10. Paraphrasing; Jesus disciples in the last supper supposedly asked Jesus; what are we going to do now since you’re leaving us? 

Jesus response was; go into the city, there is a man with a pitcher of water, follow him into his house. What is Jesus alluding to in this context? He is talking about him leaving the scene for 2000 thousand years (Pisces) and a new sign of Aquarius is taking his place. The coming of the son of man that symbolically pours water into the world to awakened the masses. 

We just went through that in Dec.12 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar that signify the end of an era. I remember people were calling for the end of the world and were preaching to other people to repent that Jesus is coming.

 Wake up people! 

There is no one coming in the ‘flesh’ to save you. He’s already here consciously but yet people are still subscribing to a physical Jesus. You need to save yourself through the Christ within from a system that has been miss leading you for so long. Church and State have done more injustice to the well being of every nation and its people. 

All these religions are based on Astro Theology. It becomes a geo-political instrument for power, money and control to push their ideology to others. They will kill, distort and steal in the name of God while the weak and the destitute are on the way side, still believing that someone will appear to save them. Every story in the bible is not literal. 

They are allegories and metaphors and are stories within stories that illustrate a deeper meaning of knowledge and understanding about the universe and its relationship to us. The era of believing is over. This is the era of knowing and verification. This is the holy science that was taught in antiquity called ‘Prisca Theologia.’ 

This was taught by Gnostic Philosophers like Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato etc only to be ridiculed by the very same system we have today. This is the Holly Science that gives us the indication of who God is through esoteric knowledge and wisdom. As one intellectual observed,” I don’t know what God is, but I know who he isn’t.” The era of Enlightenment brought back this knowledge through the renaissance only to be shut down by the Inquisition because they don’t want us to be free but slaves to their ‘System.’ 

Now the New World Order is here; Is there a correlation between the new era we’re in and the new world order? Hmmm! 

Only those that have eyes to see and ears to hear and to follow the Christ within to decipher the complexities of this world that was forced upon us by the wicked hidden hand that pretend to be the truth but to the demise and the contrarian of mans best interest.


Leituala Roger B

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