Yes they will look

Re: U.S. Ambassador

All men look at a pair of boobs the size of watermelons-- all men including the Pope-- He has a eyes unless he is Stevie Wonder-- which you go to the other senses and cop a feel.

Wrong conclusion-- Men are animals are dogs are woof woof woof to the Alpha--

A celibate Priest will turn away from a well endowed member of his church-- which is why you look at many graveyards of monastery’s in Europe, USA, Italy and you will find aborted babies-- because Lust is as human as the 7 Sevens it comes with-- Samoans invented the 8th Sin-- called the Pointy Finger Sin-- so long as I point at the other sin, they can’t see mines-

Like what just happened to Hollywood-- in bed with Clintons they pointed at Trumps sins, and now we find out the largest moron harassing and raping women and men of Hollywood was Harvey Weinstein-- My god everybody knew for 30 years what he was doing.



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