‘Don’t be a waste of space in this life’

By Deidre Fanene 10 December 2016, 12:00AM

With a lot of adults complaining about the behaviour of the youth these days, Johnny Ioane, from the village of Nu’u-Fou, has noticed the issue as well.

Aged 26, being part of the troublesome generation, Johnny’s message is clear-cut. Your strength is limited and you will lose it once you get old, so be productive with it while you still can.

Johnny says that it baffles him when he sees different youths walking around town, wasting time and causing trouble.

He says that it needs to stop.

“I don’t understand why a person of my generation loves to waste time,” Johnny told the Village Voice.

“It’s making people complain about us yet, there are people like me who work hard. My advice to all the other youth is to make good use of your time while you still have the strength in your body.

“Be productive while you still can and look into the future. For those still in school, work hard and don’t let your parent’s hard work go in vain because your parents work hard to pay your bills.”

With youth strength draining from time and age, Johnny says this is the time that will set the course for your future so make it count.

“The strength in your body is not infinite and that’s why you must make the most of it while you’re young,” he said.

“If you don’t work hard now then when you grow up and can’t find a job, it will be hard for you because your strength has already started to drain and it will affect your family.

“Take care of your family and work hard to work off the loan that you have done with your parents while you were growing up.

“Look at the money your parents have spent on you as a loan rather than a freebee.”

Furthermore, Johnny says that even if the academic life is not for you, there is still the farming life that can help you in more ways than one. “If school isn’t for you then that doesn’t give you an excuse to start mucking around and wasting your time,” he said.

“The land is big, go out and make use of it and that is the best way to use your strength. Tuilaepa says there is a lot of money buried in our soil and we need to work hard to get it.

“Look at it this way, you can earn a lot from the plantation and then buy a car then use that nice car to look for a wife. It will all work out if you use your strength wisely.

“Take care of your family and don’t be a waste of space in this life.”

By Deidre Fanene 10 December 2016, 12:00AM

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