The simple life of Samoa

Re: Our problems are curable 

Nice words man. It is true, so true! Western countries work their whole lives to 65 so then they can retire by the beach. Samoans think that life overseas is better than the simplicities they have there?

When you come to western countries life is hard, if you are not educated then life is harder, the same goes for every country. Living in a western country you need to pay: axes, Utility bills, rates, mortgages/rent, transport cost, tolls for roads, expensive education and childcare the list goes on. 

Yet with all this modern stuff… there is still great unhappiness, homelessness, suicide, murder, poverty and injustice.

Life in Samoa is what you make it; I have been there many times and would like to live there if only I could get my family to agree. 

What I love about Samoa especially Savai’i was the simplicity of life. Wake up by the beach, no mortgage to pay for 30 years, head down to the beach for a swim, go fishing, live off the and the sea. Spend time with family and friends, spend time doing what you want to do...Life is good!

Somehow we have bought into the idea that we need more, a car, a nice house, nice clothes, toys etc which in the end is just stuff. 

The way our ancestors lived was simple, they lived of the sweat of their own hands, they ate organic everyday and were strong and fit. We have left that way of life with the belief that the future and modernity is the better way to go. 

Instead this better way of life is killing us, eating what resembles real food and the western diet has made many of us sick. Cancer is rampant in Western society, eating organics is expensive because food here is sprayed and in some cases genetically modified. 

Money, power and self-gain have corrupted the soul. Yet with all this modernity the same story, the rich get richer and the poor get left by the wayside.

The simple life there is great, the choice to live off the land and sea has not been taken away. In reality if you look around you, you have more than what we have in western countries, here we are slaves to the system! there you have a choice to be free or to be a slave.



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