Get real people

Dear Editor,

Re: Trade opportunities on table 

These people got to get serious about stuff. They know full well, this goes over well on the news feed. All that feel good stuff makes no real connection to the man and woman in the village.

These people need to get a damn life. Get your nails dirty; get down to realville village 101 where actual human people live. Find a market and fill it. What the hell is so hard about all that?

These photo ops makes for excellent geriatric days at the senior day care centres one day, but in as far as actual metamorphism change to the average man and woman. Nothing changes!!! 

Until you people stop acting the tourist, check in to your hotels, hold your little hands one by one, enter the freon air cooled restaurants and send in the camera man to take the polaroids.

Come on Palagi people, get a damn life already. Meet my people at Realville. Get real or get out damn it. Getting tired watching the games people play. Play tourist, play dead, play rummy play whatever.

Go to the villages and take your clothes off and really see what happens with your enthusiasm moustache.



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