The reality of politics and life in Samoa

Dear Editor,


Looking at the results again and yes there were people voting for change if we can consider the closeness of some results but their numbers were overwhelmingly dwarfed by H.R.P.P supporters - the type of people like Apulu Aletaseta Tolai and Lumafu Tagoiaega who were featured in the ‘A one-party state it is’ of the street talk section. 

They’re entitled to their opinions however that’s exactly the reality of politics and life in Samoa. Those were the types that keep H.R.P.P in power, the ones that never reach higher educations, the ones that intellectuals like Stui and Liuga can mesmerised with promises? 

Umm probably, they’re Christians so maybe they’re willing to forgive and forget but isn’t Christianity about Justice? 

Apulu and Lemafu and the like-minded ones are incapable of understanding nuts and bolts of a democratic government and their knowledge of a working economy is as good as knowing nothing at all, but it’s not exactly their fault. 

We have to give credit to NZ and Aussie governments for funding Samoan schools - it’s an intervention, maybe they have seen enough. 

The total deprivation of resources and atrocious mismanagement of funds create this culture of illiteracy – failed social and economic policies. 

Young street vendors and beggars are the latest victims of the govt’s megalomaniac vision. Keeping the majority of the population illiterate in this modern world is a common practice by dictators and narcissists to assert control over their people. 

Dripfeeding the subservient and the submissive helots and neglecting the rest that dare to stand up against their evil nature. And we’ve already seen that in Samoa before the elections. 

People vying to support the H.R.P.Pand Stui because they believe that’s the only way to get developments in their neck of the woods. 

There are good people in Samoa without a doubt but the numbers are few. 

Even Jesus himself couldn’t change the minds of stiff-necked Jews so them and their temple were annihilated as a consequence of their poor judgements. 

It’s all about making good decisions, James 4:17 “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”Faimai fo’i le isi toeaina “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.......


Le Mafa 

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