Flowers are money

By Ilia L. Likou 09 May 2017, 12:00AM

 As a budding commercial gardener starting out, you probably won’t make much money at first. 

But as your knowledge and skills increase, selling flowers can become a good source of income. 

Meet Enoka Elia age 22 of Afega. 

Speaking to the Village Voice team yesterday, he said selling flowers has become a highly profitable business for his family.  

“I don’t know about you, the way you see flowers, but for me flowers  are money,” he said.

“This is my family’s sole income. 

“To me personally, growing flowers is the perfect home business because you can set your own working hours, work outdoors and earn a decent wage. 

“You can work as much or as little as you choose — you really are your own boss.

“My mother and I work in our garden every day because we depend on it for income. 

“Many people buy flowers on the spur of the moment, some buy flowers for church decorations. 

“Often, flowers are bought when people have visitors to their homes. 

Enoka says the flowers are attractive but not expensive and the buyers come almost every day. 

“Women are the usual potential customers for our flowers.  

“We sell the bundles of flowers for five tala, and I tell you, it’s good money. 

“Every Saturday, we earn over $100 from the flowers and added to the weekly sales, we earn more than $200. 

“At first, I didn’t know why my mother was into flowers. I only thought the flowers are in gardens to beautify our land not knowing flowers are my mother’s business to earn money.  

“Starting a flower selling business is not difficult, all you need to do is to monitor them well and make sure they are good to sell at the right time. 

Enoka went on to say he likes helping his mother with their flower garden. 

“If my mom is away from home, I take the responsibility of looking after our flower gardens. 

“I love doing it and I will do my best. 

“This is the best job I’ve ever had and I want to be a master of it. 

“Sometimes my father joins us in the field and we all work to make sure our business is well organized. 

“We are planning to expand our flower farm so that we can have more to sell at the market.” 

By Ilia L. Likou 09 May 2017, 12:00AM
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