How can you tax people who are already so poor?

Dear Editor,

M.P. Tialavea, how dare you consider raising revenue from the people after what the H.R.P.P has done for Samoa?

And stop using the welfare of the people as an excuse because any increase on the cost of living/V.A.G.S.T/taxes on top of the current cost of living will further destroy and deteriorate the welfare of the people. 

Even the $1.7+ Billion loan did not elevate the welfare of the people – instead it lowered their quality of life, pushed them into poverty and forced them to be enslaved against their will!

This is a sign of a government desperate for money as it has gone broke.

I warned this government many moons ago that their reckless behavior in the way they abuse, misspend and misappropriate tax payers money plus their 

corruption will have dire consequences. 

Now MP Tialavea is talking about consultations with the public and said “ it is the duty and responsibility of the Ministry of Revenue to always look for new revenue sources to fund development projects that will raise the welfare of our people.

Everyone regardless must contribute a fair share to the development of our country.”

Let me remind you MP Tialavea - The people of this nation (including Samoans overseas, the child street vendors, fa’akau sea, farmer, the poor, the sick and the weak) have contributed much more than their fair share to the development of this nation - much more than they can afford. 

As a matter of fact, they’re contributing much, much more than H.R.P.P itself. So what is H.R.P.P contributing apart from taking the wealth of this nation?

The cost of living is right up to their throats. 

And how the heck is MP Tialavea and H.R.P.P are going to add more taxes on the people when the wages are at $2.30 Tala per hour? 

They can hardly make ends meet with what they earn.

The cost of living right now in Samoa is 10 times more expensive than any other country in the world. This high cost of living plus Poverty, Crime

rate and the high unemployment rate are increasing due to corruption. 

Now this M.P., PM Tuilaepa and their goons are turning to the public for more revenue to pay off their 30 years of corruption, which is still continuing today! You’d have to be a dumb citizen to allow this to happen.

But here’s a solution for you on how to raise more revenue for

the government – instead of you hitting the poor, the sick and the weak for more revenue, you have to hit the rich of our society to narrow the gap between the poor and the rich.

Every Samoan that earns below $5000 - should be tax free.

Those earning between $5000 - $15,000 - apply the minimum tax.

Every Samoan that earns between $30,000 - $50,000 per annum tax them higher than those earning less than $15,000.

Those who earn $50,000 - $70,000 per annum tax them a little bit higher than those in the $30,000 - $50,000 bracket.

Those who earn $70,000 up to $100,000, tax them higher than the rest.

Every $1 Tala earned after $100,000 tax it at .48sene on top of the tax that is already applied to the $100,000 bracket. This also applies to PM Tuilaepa and all the MPs in govt.

You do the same thing with businesses. This way, not only will you raise revenue for the govt, but it will also help slow the pace of the social problems the people are facing today and narrow the rich/poor gap.

For you to hit the poor, the sick and the weak to pay for the corrupt debt this govt incurred, is like you trying to squeeze water out of a rock. It will only create more problems for both the people and the govt.

But the real solution to this whole problem is to have all the corrupt MPs to be charged and prosecuted and locked up in jail for their crimes against the nation. Also confiscate all their assets which they got from ill gotten gains and return it to the people to help pay off the $1.7+ Billion debt.

Until that happens, Samoa will never be able to solve it’s economical problem that is getting worse and deteriorating each year.

I have warned the people of Samoa including the blind goons who support this government about this government’s corruption - they and their children will pay for it while the government and their children live a life of luxury.

Mebahel Raguel 

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