Annoying and unnecessary

Dear Editor,

Why do the Police driving and escorting the Head of State feel it necessary to drive at such high speed, in the middle of the road, tooting at drivers to move off the road practically running other traffic off the road? 

It is absolutely dangerous to the general public as they seem to come out of nowhere to unsuspecting drivers (and pedestrians) who have to quickly pull off the road. 

No disrespect to the HOS but this is so unnecessary. 

The road is wide enough to accommodate all traffic so there is no need for this reckless and dangerous driving. 

The Police should set the example and ensure the safety of all including His Highness by driving according to the speed limit and with consideration for other road users and pedestrians. 

The other issue is that it’s like anyone who is not anybody is escorted by Police with lights flashing etc.

Two days ago morning at the check in are at the airport, they escorted some people who came for a justice or court meeting and they did the same thing. 

When they got to the departure terminal area, there were cars there in front of passengers for the flight.

The Police got the loudspeaker and told them to move their cars! These people were just delegates for a meeting that was held here – maybe Judges (so what!).

The point is that the Police should not be above the law they should be enforcing. 



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