Lighten up people

Dear Editor

Re: You’re welcome to leave

The vileness and hatred that is spewing forth from a few people on here because I have pointed out the obvious flaws to your electoral system and how this flaw is the reason your PM keeps getting his majority, as well as the shaky grounds the story of Malietoa and Christianity in Samoa is based on is just amazing. Hmmmmm interesting.

I understand the fear though as these are two of the most important institutions in Samoa as well as the education system which I know something about. The only other institution I could take on is Rugby but as Fili has rightfully pointed out I know squat about that one so I’ll leave that one to others.

I just don’t want to have to become a Christian when I’m living in Samoa and I don’t want my husband to lose his land to foreign deals the government is making. Some may call me a b**** while others call me a patriot but I think I’m just a woman with strong opinions who is not afraid to express them.

When I come to Samoa and see the poverty of some without water and electricity and the daily abuse of government vehicles by others I got angry and vocal and knew this was just the tip of the iceberg so I had to start speaking out. You may agree or disagree with me I don’t actually care but I will try to be more respectful in how I express my opinions in the future.

Thank you Vai and your boss, message received. Anyway you all have a nice day especially lighten up, Fili, Vai, and her boss, Hollywood joe, and my favourite opponent of all PS Jeffrey. Bye now.


Wendy in wonder

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