Trump has brought back God

Dear Editor

Re: Is the “Fourth of July” safe with Donald Trump in control?*

Donald Trump has brought Almighty God back into government. If you believe anything you watch on the “news” you might as well be reading the National Inquirer. 

I am happily and proudly wearing the title of one of the “deplorables” and can sleep at night knowing the POTUS has his family, his grandchildren and the American people’s safety foremost on his mind. 

The millions of Americans who support and daily pray for our President do so because we have never in our lifetime seen such dishonesty in the press and such embarrassing displays of anti-Republican hatred. This hatred is spewed at anyone who disagrees with extreme left beliefs. This group is like tinnitus you just can’t cure. The noise is endless and their displays are threatening, vulgar and often violent.

But this small but loud group has financial backing like no other in history and has woven its roots into our mainstream media making it appear like “ truth” when in all actuality there is no factual base...but simply biased lies.

This President has come against a wall of lies every second of this Presidency yet remains focused on keeping the promises he made...and with God’s help he will repair the damage and the division caused by the godless who manipulate the media and will spare no expense to try and bring down Christian values in the United States.

But don’t be fooled by the New York Times, CNN and the like. 

Millions upon millions of Americans leap for joy and praise God that we have a President who will stand before the powers of hell and clearly proclaim...

GOD bless our Military and Police, God bless this country and all we stand for and God bless America!

No sweeter words resound over the noise from the left...who despise the mention of God.

So...yes.... we feel safer now than we have in nearly a decade. The noise may resound like a tantrum from a toddler who’s not getting their way. But the POTUS will not cower, bend or break but will stand tall when necessary and bow his head in prayer knowing it truly God that we must trust...and obey. The next four years will rebuild much of what has been broken and if by God’s grace we’re given 8yrs.... Hopefully the world will be a safer place. 

God bless President Trump!


Kristin Taylor

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