“More than a feeling”

Think a minute…A little boy was asked what he thought about marriage. He answered: “God says that a man should have only one wife. This is called monotony!” That little boy, of course, meant to say “monogamy.”

But some adults think that being married to one wife or husband for the rest of their life is monotony and boring! Possibly because we’ve listened to the love songs about the wonderful feeling of being in love. So we start to actually believe that real love is just the feeling of being in love.

But loving a person is not just the feeling of being in love with them. That may have been the beginning attraction and sparks that started the fire. But feelings are not enough to keep the fire going and your marriage strong and satisfying, especially through the hard times! You see, our moods and feelings change all the time.

So love is not a feeling; love is a choice! It’s a choice you and I make with our heart, mind, and will. Love is a decision that says: I choose you and only you, now and always, as my friend and lover for the rest of my life. I’m not throwing you back in the sea and going fishing again for a new wife or husband. I’ve caught my limit! I’m keeping you for good.

This is why Jesus Christ taught that a husband and wife become one person. So when you divorce, it’s like cutting off half of your body. It tears apart not only your life, but your children’s lives! If we keep needing a new thrill, then our thrills will just get fewer and weaker, until we’ve become a sad, lonely old man or woman.

Because we never learned and chose to truly love. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you, and to take full charge of your heart? That’s when you can start enjoying the thrill of marriage and real love that lasts. Just Think a Minute…

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