Grow some thick skin to weather the storm

Dear Editor,

I write regarding the story titled “P.M. says written responses “special treatment”

Samoa Observer and the reporter must understand the stark contrast of the independent and personal decision made by the honourable Prime Minister of Samoa.

Sir, perhaps he has decided to baulk the pertinent after years of willing to provide the attractions for his own demise by Samoa Observer parody. 

No one denies his right.

Please don’t expect the honourable Prime Minister of my country to continue hosting the courtesy for Samoa Observer when all he gets is the negative medium coverage to ensnare the banal masquerade.


Other medium outlets in Samoa are very fair and polite to soften the behest largess, as it is the honourable Prime Minister of Samoa, above all else.

However Samoa Observer, it has decided to load the arsenal to control the onslaught for the perilous. 

Hence, one wins the battle but lose the war.

Sir, the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa now has afforded unto Samoa Observer, being his favourite to send written questions while others are being deprived from such high respect; reserves only for a chosen lucky few. 

And then of course, damn if you do damn if not. 

It is the reflections in the mirror one has to take a good look perhaps and; change? 

But like they say; birds and feathers are locked together.

It is with in the honourable Prime Minister’s sole prerogative to express, such as Samoa Observer of course to publish from its perspective angle.

But Sir, I feel for your poor reporter who cops the flak. I would have thought for you to go dance to the music and face the man himself. Maybe then he will have lots of time for a one on one face to face? Perhaps?

As he always only deals with the “big fishes” of the deep sea, maybe him being a Whale, would expect you the Great White Shark to swim his way? 

Just an assumption though.

Otherwise Sir, Samoa Observer needs to grow some thick skin to weather the storm. With my utmost respect.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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