An act of insanity?

Dear Editor

Independence celebrations are a time for commemoration, triumph, joy, victory and happiness.  Each individual has their own expression and perception of independence.  I am a mother truly proud of her Samoan heritage.  At the same time fully supporting and encouraging my children to attend all school practices as their school will be performing for Independence celebrations.  I eagerly look forward to this performance on Independence Day.

My children attend Church College of Pesega, a school which I believe to be one of the best in the country.  That is why I enrolled my children in this school.  This school is known for its good facilities, good standards and high academic achievement.  Furthermore, my children are very happy there.

Lately they have been returning home sun burned.  They describe how their dance practices go on for hours in the hot sun.  They practice from 8.30am to 2.30pm.  They also explain how they get a lunch break which offers great relief.

I approved their participation in these long dance practices, advising them concerning the use of sunscreen coconut oil and after sun lotion.  Nevertheless, my children returned home talking about students who had fainted in the sun due to dehydration.  Now as a concerned parent, I came to think that the situation was getting out of control.  However, they did mention how vehicles and the ambulance were contacted and proper help was provided for the casualties.

My children went on to explain how thirsty they were after dancing for 2 hours and a certain GENTLEMAN? who helped to supervise the dance practices did not allow them to drink even when students were fainting,  They said how the school had provided several large coolers of cold water for the students, but this man would not allow them to drink.  I asked my children whether he was a teacher or a school principal, they replied no.  They said that he had come to HELP? especially for the dance show.  They continued to say how students were extremely thirsty and could not wait for permission for them to drink.  Some students then rushed to the coolers for a drink while others fainted. In his anger, the gentleman tipped the coolers of water out.

Now if my children are dying of thirst and water provided for them is poured out to waste, I would like to ask Church College of Pesega what kind of people they have working for them?  I do not want people who are abusive to my children, or perhaps people who cannot control themselves to be around my children.

I would also like to ask whether this was an act of cruelty or abuse?  

Or was this an act of insanity?  

For students to faint from the lack of water and then deliberately emptying coolers of water which students desperately needed, causes me to ask questions.  First of all, is it safe to have people like this working to take care of my children?  I understand that CCP is not a school that abuses students. For the protection of my children, I put them there for their own safety.  However, to deprive my child of water when he or she is nearing dehydration, I can honestly say is an act of extreme cruelty and abuse.


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