Mailelani’s reveals new product development

By Aruna Lolani 09 April 2017, 12:00AM

Mailelani has come up with a new product development strategy for their branded coconut oil.

Mailelani Samoa is internationally known for its’ unique original organic coconut oil skincare that comes with a refreshing scent. 

Last week they revealed a new development.

Sylvie Salanoa, one of the owners for Mailelani Samoa, said they have come up with a solution to avoid the coconut oil becoming hard like butter when the weather is too cold.

“All these years we hear customers say, I love coconut oil but it’s annoying because it goes hard,” she says. 

“Twenty-three degrees is not that cold, it’s still warm but now we are going into the dry season, you know how it’s getting cooler and in the morning, the bottles are all like that."

“All these years, the oil can be annoying for people when that happens so what we’ve been wanting for many years is to have a bottle where you can put a spoon inside to make it easier to use the oil and so finally after all those years, we were able to make a bottle."

“It’s our own bottle with the name Mailelani. The idea is that clients can put any standard spoon in the bottle. "

 “It’s a new shape. You know because Mailelani products are in shops everywhere in Samoa, we thought it’s good that we say officially, so that when people go in shops they understand because they are used in seeing the old bottles and now it’s going to be this type." 

“The fun thing about it is we changed the shape because coconut oil solidifies below 23 degrees, it goes hard like butter."

“So the idea is this, if you are in overseas or live up the mountain, you can take a spoon, any standard spoon and you can spoon the oil from inside the bottle and that makes people happy because now they can still use their oil." 

“This needs to come out because we feel sorry for the people; they always say that the oil solidifies."

“Until now, they have to put it under the hot water; some people put it in the microwave." 

Sylvie said that Mailelani Samoa is the first to offer this solution to this problem.

“It’s a problem anywhere in the world."

 “It’s very particular with coconut oil so the other special thing is; the spoon is made by Loto Taumafai."

“They were really happy to cooperate with us." 

And that’s one of the things Mailelani Samoa is known for, making use of Samoa’s resources to create their products. 

“This is the first and nobody has done it before." 

“Mailelani try to make things that are from here, made in Samoa, made by the people in Samoa and we try to import as less as possible but because this is a product for international standards so of course there are no bottle factories in Samoa."

“So only the things we cannot find in Samoa that we bring it."

“People asked why don’t you do this and do that but it’s because we want to use what we have here so usually it’s very simple." 

The oil comes from Savai’i and we designed the bottle. 

“You can’t buy the bottles like these." 

“The factory made it just made it for us so they can’t sell it to somebody else because there’s our name underneath." 

“These are all simple products but we try to make it here so that’s why the spoon."

Sylvie Salanoa went on to say that this new development won’t affect the price for the coconut oil. 

“It would not affect the price."

“The whole idea is for people to know that there is a solution now to the problem; to give a solution to the client to use the oil without being annoyed with it." 

“A lot of people are using the Mailelani oil so it’s good to let people know about the new change.”

“A solution where you can scoop your oil if it becomes hard." 

“So there’s a spoon for that, so it’s up to people if they want to buy one or not." 

By Aruna Lolani 09 April 2017, 12:00AM

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