“Recklessly audacious”

Dear Editor

Mr Huaman’s opinion column titled “What your Pastor doesn’t tell you” (SamoaObserver 27 May 2016) was recklessly audacious in that it is labelling all pastors deceitful and liars and indirectly trying to influence a probable constitutional review on religious matters with the aim of establishing Christianity as official faith. 

His arguments against Christianity are lightweight and show he does not understand the Christian God and his relationship to man and the bible. I suspect what the government wants is to block out faiths that runs counter to Christian values etc, especially those values that have been the foundation blocks of civilised societies progress. 

Islam with radical leaders is one such. In saying such, it is to be noted that most of the recent terrorists killings in Europe and recent terrorist murders (Obama calls them workplace violence) in the U.S. are from moderate Muslims that have been radicalized. 

Mr Huaman avoids insulting Mohammed as he insulted Jesus in the same column. 

Is it a pang of fear from the Charlie Hebdo episode or the fate of a certain Dutch cartoonist or Salman Rushdie amongst several others? 

Or is the writer an ‘expat’ Muslim flying under cover of ‘taqiya’? 

Islamic State is right now ‘subduing’ Christians and similar infidels by giving them the opportunity to 1. convert to Islam, 2. become a second class citizen by signing the dhimmi contract and paying the jizya tax or 3. die by the sword (a date with Jihadi John). 

Christianity has moved on from the bad times of the past. Unfortunately, some faiths are still locked in and seem to be for a little while yet. 

I believe this is all the government is trying to avoid with the proposed constitutional review. Without guidance from God, law and order disappears, but God blesses everyone who obeys his Law. Pro 29:18 CEV



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