Father attacks Samoa’s alcohol problem

By Ilia L. Likou 12 February 2017, 12:00AM

A father of six, Ve’a Taulia, has blamed the availability of cheap alcohol for the ‘horrifying’ rise in crimes.

Aged 53, Taualai told the Village Voice that the time has come for the government to address the issue. 

He wants them to stop young people accessing cheap alcohol. 

“Personally, I think Samoa’s alcohol problem is much worse than most neighbouring islands,” he told the Village Voice.

“We all know that many social problems such as increased crime and accidents all fall back to the overconsumption of cheap alcohol.”

Ve’a said he is amazed about the way people buy these bottles of liquor.

“It’s available everywhere and it is so cheap,” he said. “There is no law about who can buy what and when.”

“I have no knowledge in dealing with these products, but the government should look into it.”

“We need to concentrate on the root causes of crimes in Samoa. And I believe beer and hard liquor is such a big problem.”

He went on to say many crimes are linked to alcohol abuse.

“Family violence is mostly the result of alcohol abuse,” he said. “Theft is sometimes committed by drunk people. 

If you look around, you will see that excessive drinking has the ability to slow you down physically, mentally, emotionally.... and increase the risk of aggressive behaviour.”

“A number of individuals, especially to young people that serve time in jail have committed alcohol-related crimes.”

He believes the government should increase the price of alcohol.

“It’s better to higher the price (of vodkas) to discourage young people from drinking alcohol everyday but to improve their health and stay home to look after their parents.”

“This is what happens when these Chinese shops think that we can eat and drink anything. They believe that we’re born alcoholics, but we’re not.”

“To be honest, I am very concerned about this trend in the availability of cheap alcohol.”

He believes that it is time to seek treatment.

“Getting treatment is the best way to overcome the overconsumption of alcohol,” he said.

“There must be a government ministry that deals with all sorts of products.”

“They should pay a visit to see if this kind of vodka is good and why they’re selling it to the lowest price.”

“They should check on the content of ‘fagu faimaso’, they (ministry) understand what I am trying to explain.”

“We need to stay alert and awake at all times, this kind of product is not good for us especially to our young people.”

By Ilia L. Likou 12 February 2017, 12:00AM

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