How we can help these vendors

Dear Editor,

Thank you Faumuina Wayne Fong for sharing your thoughts about the issue. Other MPS should do the same.

These kids desperately need role models. 

Clearly the parents don’t care or don’t know how. 

They should be with their families sleeping soundly not beating up drunks and roaming the streets in gangs. 

Pick them up and put them in a youth home where they are taught values and life skills. 

Start a youth programme for the kids as they don’t know any better. 

Maybe the streets are safer for them then their own homes. Show them they can make money from being educated, growing or making things, they have no proper guidance, they think they will follow in their parents footsteps and most likely will.

They are criminals in the making, shoved off by their own parents who are suppose to love and guide them. This needs to be a group effort with teachers, guidance councilors and police. 

If there is money for a boxer there is money for a youth programme and help for these parents. Maybe the boxer can help?? There’s a role model. 

Give them seeds to grow produce. Get them to clean up the rubbish and mess they started on the streets. 

Clean up the grot in the city or the tourists will all disappear- it’s disgusting they don’t want to walk through urinated paths then have beggars abuse them. 

This behaviour will lead to more poverty, murdering, drugs and raping. What will happen next? 

How will Samoa cope, what will it do with all these criminals. 

It can’t even keep low crime criminals from escaping. It will be a mini Mexico! There will be a wall, a divide, the good citizens will leave...other countries will give up helping the Government. It’s going to end badly.



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