Clubs take security seriously

Nightclub securities are briefed and prepared well in case a brawl breaks out in a club and there are certain steps they take to avoid trouble. 

“We have twelve securities. I always talk to my securities on how to prepare for fights and we control our crowd,” owner of Seana Bar, Mailei Malo Eneliko Pau told the Samoa Observer.  

“I make sure my securities take care of the people well because when we take care of them, they always return. When they lose something, we collect it and when they come back for it we give it back to them.” 

Seana Bar caters to about 800 people on their busy nights – Friday and Saturday – with the number likely to increase with continued expansion work. 

Tenamo Bar manager, Iosefo Namulauulu, said the people who come into their bar are already intoxicated. 

“Most times people come in and they are drunk from home and they insist on continuing to drink,” he said. 

“Also we hardly have customers who come in sober to drink during daytime and get drunk to the afternoon, they are most likely the people who come from somewhere else drunk and continue drinking.”

“Those who started drinking here are respectful.” 

Iosefo added with their four securities, they do control the 200-300 people they get on Friday and Saturday. 

“There are a lot of people who cause trouble but we always try to control the issue by approaching it calmly,” he added. 

“We give a warning first either to the person or their group of friends. If by then he does not stop and the person does not control himself, then we ask the person to leave or we escort them outside.” 

Iosefo, who has worked at the bar for three years, said their securities are not allowed to drink during their duties, and if they are found doing so, they are sent home. 

“Just to advise the public there is nothing bad about drinking because we drink for leisure time, to relax especially after a long day. But alcohol has its limits.” 

“We do not have issues with those who drink responsibly, and that’s how we want it to be, not just for the person alone, but also everyone else here (bar).” 

Club X manager Alofa Letoa, who has worked in the club for 10 years, says their customers are usually scared of her and they do not cause trouble. 

“We have three security guards including myself, so four of us I just help out when there’s a big crowd. Our securities don’t drink, we select people who are not alcoholics,” she said. 

“Some people are afraid of me. Even my securities walk around every time inside the club because we have cameras and our boss keeps on monitoring us.”

“Over here only one person talks and it’s me. So I control our security. We don’t allow anyone who’s alcoholic to work for us.” 

She said they do not allow any fights in their club or drunks to enter their club.

“In this club we don’t allow any people who cause fights, who start troubles, who steal drinks or touch other girls, we take them out. If we see people are too drunk, we don’t serve them alcohol.”

“We don’t have people who come inside here and cause trouble. We have eight bartenders/staff and we can control the staff. 

Alofa added some people complain about their belongings stole but “that’s their own fault because they brought their stuff with them”. 

“Our job is to look after them and if our staff find our customers belonging, they give it to me or they give it to the office.”

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