Muzzle your muscle

Think a minute…What is the strongest muscle in our body? Would you believe it is one of our smallest muscles? 

It weighs only two ounces, yet has the power of life and death. What is this tiny, mighty muscle? Our tongue.

Without the tongue, mothers could not sing their babies to sleep and fathers could not teach their sons the lessons of life.
Without the tongue, world leaders could not bring peace between nations and save millions of lives. No teacher could educate and fill the minds of children with knowledge. Without the tongue, no lawyer could defend the truth in court. 

But it is also frightening what a terrible weapon the tongue can be to destroy people’s lives. We can use it like poison to infect others with gossip that ruins a person’s reputation. 

It is amazing that we can tame huge, wild animals like elephants, whales and lions, yet we still cannot tame this little muscle in our mouth. Clearly, we need some kind of training program for this wild beast called our tongue. 

The first step is to think first. Before you start moving your lips, stop and think about what you’re going to say. 

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? The second step is to talk less. You have a far less chance of hurting others and yourself if your mouth is open less. Become known for the quality of your words rather than the quantity. 

Thirdly, start today. Let’s put a muzzle on our mouth right now. Remember: “A bit of love is the only bit we need to bridle our tongue.”

There is a tombstone in an English graveyard that reads: “BENEATH THIS STONE LIES ARABELLA YOUNG…WHO ON THE 24TH OF MAY BEGAN TO HOLD HER TONGUE.” 

Sadly, if it takes our death to control our tongue, it is too late! Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for the hurts and damage you have caused your family and friends with your tongue and words? Then ask Him to help you start changing and controlling your heart—since it is your heart that controls your tongue. 

Just think a minute…

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