In response to Diana Pai

Dear Editor,


Let me reply in short Diana Pai as obviously you are of Chinese descendant. 

1. You may have notice you’re allowed to say anything you wan to say free of charge. You don’t get to go to prison for disagreeing.

2. Most of the foreign exchange we are getting from our aigas overseas or earn through the little and limited trade our poor country is earning is being remitted to China to keep the Chinese businesses operating in the country.

3. We’re not asking you for a share of the profits in the numerous fishing rights the Chinese receive from fishing in our waters, just an annual fee which can be off-set in anyway the Chinese government demands because we are poor.

4. You may have noticed if you read the article properly it was written to caution the irresponsible spending of the government though it may imply a sour tone to Chinese nationals in the country, it’s what you signed up for it.

5. If memory serves me right we’ve ignored a few offers from Taiwan and agreed to use the name Chinese Taiwan in the world media instead of just Taiwan out of fear because we’re too poor to speak up against China.

6. Most of our aigas live in NZ or Australia and in all fairness we should be trading with whatever poor little trading we can afford with them instead, China.

7. We voiced China’s objection to the complaints by Australia and NZ on China’s continuous involvement in the region because we’re poor and we cannot speak up to China.

8. China saw the opportunity to make some money from Samoa in trading/ construction and they took it. We didn’t come up and hold you at ransom to help out.

9. If I recall the request to cancelled the loan is still been ignored so to take your words, we will be forever fanning the s*** from the Chinese’s backside because as you guessed we’re too poor.

10. Our country has broken a few international laws because of it’s involvement with the Chinese, ie the passports, money laundering allegations, something with fishing I won’t bother to go and find out the facts and who knows what we’ve been forced to do because we’re too poor to speak.

11. I appeal to the Judges whoever’s gonna hear the case of the China man killed in town to give this man the book under the law. He is a disgrace to the country and ought to be castrated and lock up for life. I and most of the poor Samoans are surely saddened by this barbaric behavior of ignorance. 

The Samoan word for it is lea’oaia.



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