Favorite Child

Think a minute...Throughout history the hopes of a family often depended on the son. Parents and daughters would sacrifice to help the son succeed. Nearly 200 years ago a family in Yorkshire, England had three daughters and only one son, Branwell.  

Branwell was considered the family’s smartest child. At a young age he showed amazing talent for art and literature. His drawings and paintings, along with his poetry and other writings, promised him and his family a bright future. 

For years, Branwell’s three sisters worked and saved money to help their brother get the education and job experiences he needed to reach his great potential. But repeatedly, Branwell wasted the opportunities that his sisters worked so hard to give him.

Even when their brother became a drug addict and alcoholic, his sisters still continued working to help him succeed. Sadly, to this day Branwell’s paintings and writings remain unknown. It appeared that his sisters’ many years of labor and devotion to their brother’s dreams were wasted. 

But during all those years, while they were working to financially support their brother, in their spare time at night by candlelight, his sisters themselves tried to do their own writing and live up to their brother’s ability. But unlike their brother, they succeeded! In fact, all three sisters wrote famous books. Anne wrote the novel Agnes Gray; Emily was the author of the classic Wuthering Heights; and Charlotte wrote the famous Jane Eyre. Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte. 

It is terribly wrong and destructive when parents have a favorite child. Thankfully, God never does! He always loves each of His children fully and equally. In fact, every child of God is His favorite son or daughter. That is the kind of perfect, unlimited love God has for His kids. 

Won’t you ask the perfect Father to become your father? Today you can become His child—if you sincerely ask Him to forgive you for your wrong heart and living? Then ask Him to take full charge of your character and way of living each and every day for the rest of your life. That is the only way you can have the awesome privilege, peace, and joy of being His favorite child. Just think a minute… 

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