A call to true patriots and guardians of fa’asamoa

The Human Rights Protection Party are socially engineering a forbidden legal outcome in Samoa.

The Customary land in Samoa presents an enticing possibility to foreigners and to a corrupt government. Unlike most countries the majority of the land is in the ownership of family groups and is not taxed.

Shifting the sovereignty of all land to government and then taxing those, who have traded their ancestral title for a limited freehold version subject to tax and use restrictions, seems to be the goal of Samoa’s Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P).

Samoans worldwide must understand that there are those in power or connected politically who pay no tax at all and no duty on imported goods. They are not subject to the laws of the land. The primary foreign policy of the H.R.P.P has been to borrow money. In the process, they don’t care about transparency, good governance and political accountability.

They have used foreign consultants to achieve the introduction of the Torrens System of land ownership and to break up Customary land and convert it into freehold land with sovereignty transferred to the government. Employing consultants to achieve an outcome expressly forbidden by the Constitution amounts to a criminal conspiracy in my opinion.

The concept of Sovereignty, or absolute ownership, is little understood in Samoa and never mentioned in print or raised as a political issue. I suggest that this is deliberate to prevent the possibility of a public outcry.

Samoa’s Constitution sets out a process whereby the land holding system of Samoa can be changed so as to do away with the Customary land rights of Samoan citizens. This process requires a National Referendum whereby two thirds of all enrolled voters choose to give up Customary Land ownership.

The alienation of Customary land rights without the referendum is expressly forbidden and Article 2 of the Constitution strikes down any such attempt automatically.

The Torrens System alienates land rights and the H.R.P.P intend to register all land using the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 so as to transfer the absolute ownership of all land away from all Samoans and invest ownership in the government.

One example of an unlawful alienation is the exclusion of ownership rights of all Samoans, who although lawful heirs to Customary land, may not assert their title by registration of their interest or notification so as to challenge registration unless they have resided within Samoa for 2.5 years out of the 3 years prior to the registration of any interest in land. (Land Titles Registration Act 2008).

The registration of leases is the favoured method to achieve this wholesale conversion of ancestral land into land owned by the government, as it grants the person registering the lease a lesser freehold title subject to the government’s right to tax and impose use restrictions.

The educated elite in Australia and New Zealand and America remain silent as to this theft from Samoa’s indigenous people.

While University lecturers preach human and indigenous rights publicly, we are granted an insight into a silent bigotry and racism which commands that the indigenous victims not be warned. The professional classes, the doctors, lawyers and economists, educated in Western ways remain silent addicted to the income they receive and the promise of future riches at the expense of our Fa’aSamoa, our ancestors and our unborn.

Let me now issue a warning to these would be foreign people, who have plundered the lands of other indigenous races. This land of ours, this Samoa is promised for time immemorial as the heritage of our people from one generation to the next, from life to life and on to the unborn. This is not your land to plunder.

There is a false belief among Samoa’s corrupt elite class that the Fa’aSamoa is dying and that they must dismember the body of our nation and plunder her treasures for their personal profit before foreigners do the same. This is a lie because these supposed guardians of the people are the traitors trading away the rights of the people of Samoa. A day of reckoning is coming.

I issue a rallying cry to true patriots and to those wishing to keep the sacred covenant from ancestor to guardian to our unborn that Samoa remains owned by aiga untaxed.

The Western - educated elite are failing to guard the rights of our people. We must act before they succeed to end our way of life and our self-respect.

Contact me if you are serious to push this evil from Samoa.

Maua Faleauto


[email protected]

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