Your biggest bank account

Think a minute…Imagine that every morning somebody put $86,400 in your bank account.

Then, every night whatever you didn’t spend that day was taken out of your account and thrown away. Wouldn’t you take out every cent of your $86,400 and spend it every day? So none of it would be wasted or thrown away.

Did you know that you really have a bank account just like that one? It’s called TIME.  Every morning our time bank gives you and me 86,400 seconds. Then, every night the time we did not use that day is gone.

So we must use it all up or lose the time each day we do not spend well. You use it or lose it.

Then what are the best bargains and deals in life which are worth our valuable time?  Would you like to know the two best investments of your time that will bring you real success and wealth in your life?

The first smart investment of your time is people. Spend your time with your family. At the end of your life, you will never be sorry for the time you spent with your children, your wife or husband, your brothers and sisters, and your parents.

We should also spend our time on the many people all around us each day to help make their lives happier. Spending your time on people gives you wealth and happiness that you can never lose

The second, yet by far most important, investment of your time is to spend it with your own Maker. He is the Person Who Himself gives you every second you receive to keep living.

You see, God didn’t just make us and then forget us. Quite the opposite! God created you to be His child and friend, so you can enjoy living every day with Him.

That’s why God the Son came to show us what He’s like. He wants us to see the good life He designed for us to enjoy. The more time we spend with Jesus, the better we know how to live well and successfully.

In fact, Jesus Christ guarantees that if each day you will spend your 86,400 seconds on living for Him and others, then at the end of your life when you’ve run out of seconds, you will be truly wealthy and satisfied with no regrets! 

Even if you just start right now. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you and to take full charge of the time you still have left? 

Just Think a Minute…

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