By Jorim-Paul Phillips 01 May 2016, 12:00AM

-A woman, whose hair is woven with earth.          

Her breath causes the trees to dance.

She wraps herself in paganism and other people’s hopes and dreams of a fictitious god.

But we follow the eyes,

Those flourishing eyes of burning emeralds.

They say that her eyes hold the secrets of the forest.

Of life itself, but I find myself at the end of her continuous streams of tears.


-Lying there, vulgar, due to the hypnotic kiss of Mother Nature.

Her touch through the water wages war against my senses.

Like a gentle stroke of a brush along a main nerve,

I lay there in pure ecstasy, knowing very well that it is ephemeral.


-I saw the spewing out of gentleness,

Whispers turning into screams.

It was emptied into a cruel, hostile and unforgiving part of its estranged body.


-I heard the laughs of water gods,

And like children, were constantly consumed by their hyperactive state.

Yet at the bottom, all I hear is a thought.

Like the stillness of night, like the sound of her pupil.

If I look, all I see is the stillness.

An unseen battle rages on.

The rays of heat beat heavily on the drum-skinned surface of the open sea,

Yet I cannot hear it screaming.


-I recall the mingling of flavours.

It was the place where opposites collided, despite it being known as one.

It seemed as though it was very different. 

They birthed a new mixture, 

One that constantly healed the attention of my taste buds.

Every gulp was neutralized, the burden of salt was gone 

And my mouth portrayed a watered down canvas.


-The aroma sank like a hook.

The fresh water had cleared my nostrils of the foul stench of salt water.

It washed out of my system and I was left in sure peace.

The cloud was far more gentle than a promising Sunday breeze.


-At that point, the détente of the two bodies of water erased itself from my mind

And I was able to leave the loving embrace of the patient shade.

But before I did, 

I stared into the eyes of the woman as she gave me one last kiss. 

By Jorim-Paul Phillips 01 May 2016, 12:00AM

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