Samoa election process, the P.M. and his “facelift” developments

Re: Developments, good intentions and the future 

The Samoan “voting system” or “electoral system” is suppose to bring forward the best candidate to do the best job for the people of Samoa. 

Unfortunately for Samoa and its future, the electoral system has been changed by the P.M. who has found a way to get into Parliament without a single Samoan voting for him. 

So instead of Samoa getting the best PM possible, Samoans had no voice in the election of our PM. 

The PM found a sneaky way to put himself in that position of power. All of Samoa should have a referendum to decide if our current P.M. should be in that position or not.

So now that the P.M. has found a way to sneak into parliament without a single vote, the P.M. also found a way to control all of Samoa’s finances. Even more shocking is there is no auditing of Samoa’s finances, if there is any attempt to check where Samoa’s public money is going; it is completely ignored. 

The P.M. does what he likes. The .P.M borrows from whichever country he can. So future Samoans are born into a debt they did not create. The PM has now managed to have total control of the whole Parliament without anyone voting him in.

Now one of the unelected PM’s pet project is The Faleolo Airport Building “facelift”. $140million for upgrading an airport building is a waste of public/borrowed money.

The old Faleolo airport handled the small number of flights arriving and leaving and was able to handle even more flights. 

So instead of increasing the number of flights the P.M. decided that $140 million spent on upgrading a building will attract more flights. How silly! The only ones benefiting from this upgrade are the Chinese companies involved with this upgrade.

Replacing one decent building with another bigger and shiny building is a waste of money if there are no improvements to the number of flights carrying tourists into Samoa.

A new pet project of the unelected PM is the Apia Waterfront “facelift”. 

This stupid project is another waste of public money. There is nothing worse than having a pretty face by surgery (Apia Waterfront) when the whole body (the rest of Samoa) is covered with sores and is deformed (poverty and hardships). 

Tourists will notice this straight away and to me this is very embarrassing for Samoa. It is better to have an ugly face (Apia) and the whole body is healthy and fit (no poverty and hardships in the village.)


Keith Alderson 

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