Low standard of education in the Police

Dear Editor,

Superintendent Leiataua Luatimu Samau of the Police Department made  two points  in your cover story  as reported in the  Samoa Observer of  6 November 2016 edition. 

A  non-commission officer could only be suspended by the Commissioner of Police  and the latter  is not above the law. 

Topical comments from a ranking Police officer and I submit these comments would illustrate the  sub-standard performance due to  under-achieved education in this workplace.  

Yes, Leiataua Luatimu Samau, but let me say  only Commissioner Fuavailili could  suspend you under the Law but you and the others took the Law into your hands and smashed figuratively  speaking the position of the  Commissioner of Police. 

Your actions  are tantamount to a coup. In failed States like Iraq, Syria, Bosnia etc - what you ,Superintendent Leiataua and your gang did are done there. These failed states host   dysfunctional Police Departments. 

We don’t expect that here in Samoa because this is not a failed state. You see the military and the terrorists in those failed states are doing what you and your coward police officers  carried out against your Boss.  Your actions are tantamount to those acts of terrorism.

 When Assistant Commissioner Samoa Mulinuu etc ordered you as you said  to carry out their evil  instructions  on the Commissioner, you should have  said  just what you said to the reporter of the Samoa Observer to Samoa and his gang -”under the Law, only the Commissioner could suspend a non-Commissioned Officer and therefore I cannot go against the Commissioner.” 

He was indeed the Commissioner cleared by the Court of all charges and had started work as it is the norm in our public service. That is how a civilised Christian democratic Police Department operates.

What you said publicly makes a lot of us suspicious  about the motives that  you, the  corporal and the other two harbour against the Commissioner. By the way, is this the officer, Corporal that was sacked by the Commissioner?

 I am now of the firm view  there was a conspiracy to harm the position of the Commissioner of Police by his sub ordinates. 

Now listen to this fact Superintendent.  The legitimacy of employment for the Assistant Commissioners and yours as well,  Superintendent in the Police Department rest on the fundamental principle that there is a  position of Commissioner and  Fuiavailili E. Keil  is  the  legally appointed Commissioner and is  in charge of the dept. 

Commissioner Fuavailili is the legally appointed Head of the Police Department in Samoa. Not Minister Sala Pinati. He is the Politician. Not Samoa Mulinuu, or Afamasaga Michael or ... either. These Police Officers attract the charge of usurpers of power for what they did to Commissioner Fuavailili.

Your other point about the Commissioner being subjected to the Law is well understood but where you failed, Superintendent is when you, the Corporal and the other two took the Law into your hands based on the  instructions from the Assistant Commissioners and Minister Sala Pinati who  asked you lot to arrest the Commissioner. 

Again based on the principle of legitimacy as mentioned earlier in this letter, the Commissioner was your Boss under the Law when he and you  turned up to work on that fateful Monday, you  under no condition should  obey your leader, Commissioner Fuiavailili E Keil. 

You all had no legitimate platform to arrest him. For your education, the conventional behaviour and normal culture for personnel in a paramilitary organisation and in  a governmental Ministry are well defined in conventional codes of police  work,  Law and Regulations. 

In this instance, the Commissioner back at work should have a meeting with his Minister for Briefing and De-briefing of the Department’s activities in his absence. Then, the Minister could have  raised the charges against the Commissioner and asked for a response in writing. That is the proper way in dealing with this matter. 

After that the Minister and the Police Management should have handled the situation  in a responsible rational manner in the interest of the government and people of Samoa. 

Instead, the actions taken by Minister Sala Pinati, Assistant Commissioners Samoa Mulinuu Samoa and the other A.C.’S, the Superintendent, the Corporal and the other two prove to me beyond doubt that the Police Dept of Samoa and the decision makers at the AC level were involved in acts of terror.

 You can’t say these men in uniform were wet behind the ears in the discharge of their duties otherwise this government has been sleeping walking in this area of national security for many years. 

The likely reasons point to the low standard of educated culture among men in ranks and the pervasive spread of violence and hatred in the department. 

That explains why you lot concoct 200 charges with this ridiculous charge of murder in this sorry development. Murder?

 The charge of murder against the Commissioner of Police is a worrying one, not in itself per se, but as a growing sign of depravity in the thinking department in connection with the sponsors of this charge. Murder? How? 




Tuiumi of Le Pisi na ea ai Samoa.

Samoa Observer

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