Solutions to modern issues?

Dear Editor

Re: A simple village life

For me I love the stories in the last couple of days because we can see exactly why H.R.P.P. is disinterested in raising the level of education in Samoa. It is a deliberate attempt by the government and H.R.P.P. to deny the people the opportunity to have better understanding of the modern world.

They are close to achieving a subservient society judging by what we have heard so far, these people represent the majority from the villages - the ones that voted H.R.P.P. back in government. They have the right to their opinions however they were only boasting about what they can do and why others fail, clearly they could not offer a real solution to modern issues. 

Oh wait, they did offer a solution, they wanted to turn modern Samoa into a ‘paleolithic movement’. They were only focussing on what they perceived as failures in the part of other citizens, which clearly shows the lack of understanding in modern issues affecting Samoa right now. Issues like government corruption, nobody seemed to consider it but we shouldn’t expect these people to understand these things because they were never given the opportunity to understand their rights as citizens in a modern society. These people may think that they are doing fine but quite frankly all Samoans are ‘victims’ of a corrupt system. I hope that one day these people will understand that there’s always a better way to eke out a living. It’s ok to fish for a day because you can’t fish every day, but if you have knowledge you will have the means to get any kind of fish any day of the week without getting your feet wet. 


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