Plastic ban, white teeth and paper bags

By Lumepa Hald 05 February 2019, 12:00AM

Well, I think of the dead coral, the whales swallowing the plastics and bottles, the ever present plastic made if not plastic bags in the ocean bottom, non-biodegradable, a fancy word for “rot never”, and the idea that as an island with very little discipline on the recycling of many things, especially plastic, the problem seems elusive despite the ban of plastics. 

And no, this is not the same as turkey tails ban because when we let it come back into our diet, we upped the rate of everything bulky on our bodies but a slim behind.

I read a post from a friend on Facebook to note the struggle of villagers to buy groceries without the use of plastic. 

On the same streamline of ideas and jokes by the participants, a gentle dentist reminded of the ideal of using straws to omit rotten teeth, but now thrown out the window. It is a hilarious thing to debate on if we decide to be silly at it. 

For we know from common sense that the reason we get bad teeth is from sugary things, like sodas. Why not ban sodas to avoid the nudging feeling that we need straws? 

And if we are struggling with carrying sugar, rice and flour, the rising causes of bad health, why not ban those things from our diet altogether and carry baskets of fruits instead? The idea is to live long and to preserve our energies along with the environment, if we think about connecting deeper into the fibers of what makes us human beings. 

And if we keep to this strict discipline of no sugars, your teeth and mine combined will outshine the moon some day. Who knows, we could save on electricity at night if we have a smiling parade to celebrate a good year of healthy living?

But reality sinks in too late as we are ever humans living dangerously. 

So on alternative methods, what of paper bags? 

I realize in the past and before plastic bags, the world used paper bags. I shall remind you that as Samoans, we are known by heritage as very innovative and an intelligent race. Following the recent natural disasters and environmental hazards, we would have empathy for trees, no? Replanting trees is not the same as conserving existing trees, if you do not mind my basking. The thing is, the world is in more need of trees than not no matter what you and I have to say about paper bags versus plastic bags.

But what about recycling cloth, unused ones, and weaving rice bags or baskets to be lined with used cloth to carry small things like sugar, rice, flour and so forth? And carrying on the head could be an option as opposed to carrying several bags in the hand. Africans do it all the time. Who knows what a turn around that would do for our sense of balance and dexterity?

But this rag is incomplete without mention of recycling of plastics or anything other than beer bottles which we already do, because the reason behind all this ranting is for the sake of the voiceless fishes, whales, trees, atmosphere and our children.

 So I look to you with somber eyes of a she-cat to ask, “Dear paradise citizen, what recycling!?” God speed.

By Lumepa Hald 05 February 2019, 12:00AM

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