Bruce Pati Otine releases album

By Aruna Lolani 06 July 2017, 12:00AM

What is done with love is done well.

This is a new beginning for Bruce Pati Otine as he comes out with his first and new cd album called Taimi o Fiafia, Taimi o Loimata. 

 Bruce comes from the village of Alafua and it took him two months to work on his album, made up of ten songs.

He is also known as the artist who draws Samoa Observer’s cartoon in the Opinion section.

Bruce stated that this album wasn’t just an opportunity for him to make use of his talent but also a chance for him to pour out his feelings and telling love stories happening in our reality.

“I did this cd because I wanted to use my talent, my voice to express how I truly feel inside. I’m only human and I can’t keep on hiding everything inside my heart.”

 “The number 4 song called Loimata says it all; it was actually my drive to make a cd of my own songs.”

“All these songs are based on true stories about life, basically about broken relationships and you know at this point for me, it’s not only an opportunity for me to let out all my feelings but also a time to be free.”

“The picture on the album is an illustration of the good times and the bad times.”

“You know, in any relationship, when something bad happens, you look at everything differently, you have a different perspective on everything and you become emotional about every little thing.”

This could be the first time for Bruce to launch a cd of his own but definitely not the first time for him to sing. 

“I’ve been singing way before this, way before making this cd.” 

“I started singing when I was in a group called ‘Fatu ole Alofa’ but that ended because I had a family and I wanted to put my family before anything else.”

“But every day, I am reminded of the greatest blessing I’ve received. I always show my gratitude for all you are to me.”

“In my experience while working on the lyrics for this album, it wasn’t easy.”

“Writing lyrics isn’t something that just comes to you and for me, these lyrics came to me under different circumstances or in different situations; you know words came to me when I was taking a bus ride to Apia, or doing work at home or just sitting alone.”

“You know it’s those little things that opened up my mind to the perfect words and that’s why this means so much to me.”

Now that a dream has succeeded at the first stage, Bruce is not only happy to showcase his work but also thankful to everyone who offered him the support he needs.

“Grateful is what I feel in my heart that I have been blessed with the people who I can look for love, comfort and support. You mean the world to me not just this achievement but every day,” he said. 

“First of all, I want to thank God, he’s the one who gave me this gift and I wouldn’t be able to make this cd without it. He’s the one who made everything possible for me and now my work is done.

“I would also like to acknowledge Wayne Tupa’i who have been supporting me along the way as well as Zipso, one of Samoas most known artist.” 

I would also like to acknowledge Sio Silva and Silva Bullets, also the Kingston Teen.

“Not forgetting my sponsor, Cece’s Connection and, my special thanks to the Break Through Studio for all the help with my recording. Thank you Fetalaiga Fetalaiga!”

Most of all, I would like to give special thanks to my family and friends who have been there for me, making this dream come true. I could not have done it without your help and it has been amazing to have by my side, making my journey a little bit easier every day.

Bruce Otine’s cd selling price is $20 so if you want to order one, please contact him on phone number: 7508099.

By Aruna Lolani 06 July 2017, 12:00AM

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