Learn the easy way

Think a minute…Some time ago a small town in California needed a new water pipe system. Someone suggested that they ask the city of Los Angeles for advice since the large city of L.A. was more experienced. He said, “If we can profit from another city’s mistakes, I think we should do so.” But another town member jumped to his feet and with great pride in his little town exclaimed: “Why should we have to profit from the mistakes of Los Angeles! I say our town is big enough to make its own mistakes!!” He preferred to learn the hard way!

We have good advice around us all the time. There are many good books full of wisdom for living. We learn in school all the knowledge that mankind has worked for thousands of years to acquire. Not to mention our own wise parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, older brothers and sisters, friends and business people. An African proverb says: “When an old person dies, a library of wisdom burns down.” 

But all the advice in the world is not worth anything unless it is actually used and followed. Someone said: “Everyone receives advice, but only the wise use it.” If we are too proud and stubborn to learn from others, then we will never learn how to live better, happier lives. No one can live long enough to make all the mistakes in life there are to make. There is no reason to keep repeating the same mistakes millions of others have already made and paid for! 

It all starts with correcting the biggest mistake we all have made: our choice not to live the way our Maker designed life to work correctly for our own happiness and good. We have to be willing to live His way before we can start enjoying the good life He made and wants us to have. Today, why not start learning the easy way?  Ask Jesus to forgive you for all of your past wrongs and sins from living your own way. Then ask Him to take charge and help you start living His only way that can give you real and lasting peace, purpose and love. Just think a minute… 

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