Don’t tear others down, work your way up instead

By Vatapuia Maiava 10 November 2016, 12:00AM

Vaifale Setefano, from the village of Leauvaa, says one of the issues many Samoans face in the villages is jealousy about the ones who succeed.

Vaifale explains how there are always those people who tear others down when they thrive in life rather than working hard to thrive themselves.

The only thing Vaifale wants is for everyone to just succeed together and live in peace.

“The one thing I don’t like about life nowadays is that people don’t want others to thrive,” he told the Village Voice.

“Our country is full of people who tear others down and it’s not nice. For some, it becomes mission to bring others down and we say we’re founded on God.

“The Lord wants us to live together in peace and harmony.”

Rather than tearing others down, Vaifale says that a better approach is to congratulate them then drive yourself to succeed as well.

“We should always listen to the Lord when he tells us to love our neighbour,” he said.

“When someone does well then push yourself to do well too. Don’t try and bring them down to your level, that’s not the only way to become equals to them.

“Everything good that you do shows the love of the Lord; and when you do evil, then that’s not of the Lord.”

On another note, Vaifale says another issue Samoa faces is the increasing cost of living.

“The cost of living has increased to crazy levels lately,” he said.

“Everything is getting expensive but it’s good to see that some fathers are managing very well to provide for their family because they have money.

“But for many of us who are struggling, we feel the brunt of the increasing cost of living. It’s not easy for us to make ends meet.

“Every life is different and not everyone can go on without struggles. But no matter what I go through, I always give thanks to the Lord for everything he does for me.”

Vaifale says that if you trust in the Lord, he will give you a way out of your struggles.

“When you struggle then you can always rely on the Lord to pull you through,” he said.

“For the struggling lot who resort to crime to earn a living, that’s not the answer. God is the answer to all your problems and I know this to be true.”

According to Vaifale, another great way to beat your struggles is to invest in your children.

“Another great way to beat your struggles is the gift of your children,” he said.

“The Lord has blessed you with children and if you are poor then make it your priority to put those children through school.

“When your children receive a good education then they will grow up and get good jobs and they won’t suffer the way we do. They can also help our their family with the jobs they have.

“That’s the answer to our struggling lives.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 10 November 2016, 12:00AM
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