Taumeasina Resort staff trained to save lives

By Sina Sevaaetasi 10 November 2016, 12:00AM

The Taumeasina Island Resort’s staff members are not only warm and accommodating; they are now qualified to save a life in case of any emergency.  

The resort has taken extra precaution, in the best interest of their visitors and staff, to host trainings and drills conducted by the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services (F.E.S.A).   

The training was conducted over a two day course and concluded yesterday.  

The Commissioner of F.E.S.A, Lelevaga Faafouina Mupo, spoke to the Samoa Observer about the drills that took place and the importance for any major commercial building to host trainings such as this one. 

The two day course covered proper usage of fire extinguishers and fire hoses, conducting an emergency evacuation procedure, creating escape routes in case of an emergency, ensuring effectiveness of fire alarms, and so forth. 

 “We had the coordination process with them,” said Lelevaga.  

“As well, we are noticing the requirements in terms of our safety in place.  Then we have to familiarize them with how to use it like fire extinguishers, fire hose drills, smoke alarm. 

“This is exactly the purpose of the training yesterday.  To make them aware of procedures and  how to complete their roles as fire wardens and how to take accountability of our visitors, their guests.  At the same time,  our staff  makes them confident to carry out their duties in a real life situation.  So we all come on board to be prepared and confident in performing their duties. 

“The main purpose in the training is to advise the premises (about)  the requirements to put in place in terms of safety aspects throughout the premises.”

“As we can see, nowadays, we need to respond to any type of emergency.  So we have to be prepared any time for fire, accidents, road accidents, land rescue that’s the mandate of the F.E.S.A as the we stand as not only fire but emergency services as well.”

“As part of our inspections and cooperation with the premises (we advise) to continue to train on all the premises: commercial, industrial (and) make them aware, because we want to know what type of emergency, so we have to prepare any time.”

The Commissioner is hoping other major companies will follow suit and devise an exit strategy  for their constituents as well as providing proper training to respond accordingly in the case of an emergency. 

Lelevaga said, “ Taumeasina is one of the biggest hotels and same with Sheraton (which)  is under consultation to carry out the drills.  Not only the hotels but those in the commercial buildings: N.P.F., T.A.T.T.E, reclaimed areas, high rise buildings.

“Some of the premises submit their requests for this purpose,  some of the drills are asked by F.E.S.A to conduct  the drills.

“But those are the premises that we want to conduct trainings with.  As I said, you never know .  An accident may come but at least you have the ideas and techniques to combat any emergencies that  occur.”

By Sina Sevaaetasi 10 November 2016, 12:00AM

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