On-off water situation

This is the reality for most people. 

They can live without electricity and other things but without water, it’s impossible to wake up on the next day. 

For Laulauga Mita’i, aged 54 of Falevao, this is her family’s daily problem. 

“Water is life as many people say,” he said. 

“So what makes it different for us when we hardly have enough water to take care of our family?

“At first having our own water here at our village was something I was very proud of. We didn’t get to pay any money. 

“Unfortunately the water supply is not as it used to be before. It used to run every day and the water was everywhere but starting three years ago, the water has been slow to reach us here. 

“I seriously don’t know what is happening; all I want is to fix it like it was before. 

“Most of the time the water runs out for days sometimes a month.  We have no option but to fetch water because we don’t have a water tank. 

Despite other struggles, Laulauga said their biggest problem is the lack of water.

“We haven’t been staying here long; it’s been about three years since we moved away from the inner area,” she said.

“We moved here because we need to work our land and life has been good but we hardly have enough water here and that’s the problem.”

The mother of three went on to talk about her home situation. 

“This house is big enough for the two of us,” she said. 

“My son overseas is the one who’s planning to fix it but we don’t push him. We understand that life overseas is way more difficult than ours in that money is everything for them. 

“We count ourselves lucky because food is all around us and we don’t have to worry about money most of the time, as long as we meet our basic needs, then we’re fine. 

 “To be honest I now realise depending on our own village water does not guarantee it will last. We never know whether this concrete water tank will be always dependable. 

“Right now I admit we are in need of a water tank. It would be very helpful to store water so that the father of our family doesn’t have to worry about fetching water. 

Laulauga can be contacted through 7722269/7735022 if you can help with her family’s situation.

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