The problem with church and state

Dear Editor,

Re: It is the people

The Church and state are the controlling mechanism instituted by the colonialist to navigate it’s hostile take over of any country under the false pretense of worshiping the true God; but instead the God of money.

The two most prominent positions people seek are either being a ‘faifeau’ or a politician. Why? 

Because of the perks and privileges that comes with it. The same people in high positions in govt. are the same ones in high positions in churches.

The dichotomy of the two are synonymous and harmoniously works to the advantage of the elites. 

This system has been around for thousands of years and was perfected by the Romans to control the peasants while they enjoy their elegant life style.

The temple is within; not external. 

The misconception of building a magnificent building for God to dwell in is somewhat a misnomer. So long as you keep your temple (heart) clean and pure for the spirit of God to dwell in is the essence of the gospel within.

Money, power and self-edification are not of God but by man. 

The poor have been neglected and the rich and the well connected have enjoyed their wealth utilizing the ‘system’ to their advantage.

Build your temple within your heart with love and compassion for the least of my brethren you have done it unto him. 

That’s the only true way you will find God within yourself, not with a superstructure that means nothing to the “eye of the beholder.”


Leituala Roger B.

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