Everything is expensive when you have no money

While many people are complaining about the high cost of living, Tui Toa, from the village of Tulaele, has a different take on the situation.

He says that it is very simple; if you are lazy and you don’t want to earn any money then you won’t be able to afford anything. He says that’s why people keep saying that life is expensive.

Aged 56, Tui is a taxi driver and says that life in general for him is great. He is adamant that the cost of living is getting lower over time.

“Life in general is great and there aren’t many issues we currently face,” he told the Village Voice.

“People say that the cost of living is very high but the way I see it, there are many large stores opening up and it has resulted in prices dropping.

“Yes there are goods that are very expensive but there are also alternatives that are more affordable. Suffering from the cost of living depends on your preference.

“I feel that the cost of living is beginning to be a little lighter.”

He says that if you don’t want to suffer in this world then you must work hard to earn enough money to afford what you want and need.

“There is a big difference between suffering from things being expensive and suffering because you have no money,” Tui said.

“If you sit around and not work hard to earn a living then of course things will look expensive because you can’t afford anything without having money in the first place.

“I feel that the cost of living is decent compared to past years and that’s the truth I know.”

On another note, Tui says that being a taxi driver is great. Even though the money isn’t as good as past years, it’s still a pretty good way to make a living.

“Life as a taxi driver is not that bad,” he said.

“The money we make depends a lot on the day but just like everything, if you work hard then you will earn more.

“It’s true that back in the days there were a lot less people taking taxis but the payment system was different; we earned a lot more because taxi vehicles were scarce.

“These days, we don’t make as much but we still work hard to make it work.”

Tui says that you can make up to $300 a day as a taxi driver and he is fine with that.

“I became a taxi driver not too long ago,” he said.

“On a very good day, I can make about $160. But keep in mind that that money isn’t all profit; I have to take some of that money to fill up petrol and to maintain the car.

“Whatever I have left over is used to take care of my family and the rest is saved just in case of emergency.

“There are days where I can make up to $300 but that’s a rare case and it takes a lot of driving. That’s how it is for us and we are doing well as taxi drivers in Samoa.”

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