Don’t burn yourself

Think a minute…It’s been said: “Hating people is like burning down your whole house to kill a rat.” You’ve also heard the expression, “Cutting your nose off to spite your face.” When we hate someone, we hurt ourselves far more than the person we’re trying to hurt.

That’s why when you’ve been hurt by others, a bad memory is your best weapon to stop it from hurting you more. Forget it, and get on with your life. “Never carry a grudge, since it only weighs you down while the other guy is getting ahead. You’ll never get ahead while you’re trying to get even.”

You’ll reach your goal of success much quicker if you forgive and forget your enemies. Getting even with someone just puts you on their level; but if you forgive that person, it puts you ahead of them. So make peace quickly with your enemies. “Some people forgive their enemies—but not until they’re dead and it’s too late.”

Remember, people need love the most when they deserve it the least. It takes a much stronger person to forgive. A person’s strength is measured by how many times he can forgive the same person. You see, when our heart is full of kindness, there’s no room in it to hold a grudge.

Hating someone is easy. Anybody can do that. So if you want to be unhappy and miserable, go ahead: don’t forgive that person who wronged you. But don’t forget, “Anger and unforgiveness is like fire: if you hold on to it, it will burn you.”

However, “If you choose to forgive someone, you’ll be setting a prisoner free…and discover the prisoner was you!” Yet real forgiving takes your Maker’s kind of love and strength. So why not ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for all the ways you’ve hurt and wronged Him? Then, you’ll have His power to forgive others like He did for you. Just Think a Minute…

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