Stand up for yourself, Samoa!

Dear Editor,


Financial Institutions have no morality and they do not care about negative international attention as long as they can make millions. 

Average Samoans have to protect their own interests when it comes to land issues, no outside western, liberal economic, British free market system will even consider the rights of the Samoan people over the rights of private property. 

All the major financial, legal, and political system in the world are modelled on this economic ideology. 

Samoans must save their land themselves. 

First they need to get rid of this H.R.P.P party in which the majority of the Cabinet ministers have been educated in these western, liberal economic, British ideological universities. 

The British system is based on class and it is the ideology of the monarchy that rules the global modern institutions of the day. 

In this system there has always been landowners and peasants. Samoans must not become peasants in their own land like so many other indigenous people have who have trusted the free market institutions. 

They must not trust leaders who put their faith in this system. 

Indigenous people all over the world lost their land because their chiefs made deals with these white devils, often cloaked in the clergy’s robes and now Chinese business groups. 

Be careful Samoa, now is the time to get rid of these H.R.P.P British ideological thinkers in your society. The P.M., the H.R.P.P, and the business elite in Samoa have sold you out long enough.


Wendy W.

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