The root of problems

The high cost of living could lead to bribery and many other social problems. 

And bribery is the heart of corruption, says 33-year-old Chris Telenise of Toamua.

He graduated from A.P.T.C. as a qualified carpenter and he’s self employed.

Chris said our government should try to maintain an achievable cost of living.

“For the sake of everyone, for the sake of men who are out at sea every day to feed their families, the mother who sells chips and ice cakes every day and for that child at the hospital.”

Telenise says parents are looking to their children to become better adults in the future.

“One of the reasons they’re pushing their children to attend school is because they see that the cost of living as years goes by has increased.

“That’s how my parents challenge me and my other siblings. They’re worried about what this life would be like in the next few years (because of the increasing cost of living) if we fail today. I mean everything is sky rocketing.

“When we think about it, a small degree of inflation as years go by is healthy for the economy but a large increase brings negative effect to our country.”

Chris said living under those conditions could cause stress.

 “Thus causing businesses to go bankrupt, increase in crime rate and other social problems,” he said.  

“What is really worrying is the fact that we see it every day in Samoa, especially those who are begging for money and food around town and children selling small products in broad daylight until midnight every day.

“We see it as just a small dot on the map these days, and if we live it as it is now, something might happen to the future of our country.”

He pointed out that the high living cost could increase crime rates.

“That’s one of the biggest fears in our country today and we should take a stand as we still have time.

 “Yes we see it every day in court, employees from private and public sectors are accused of theft every day.

“That’s how people are struggling in this country because of the high cost of living and if this continues our country will never be the same.

“We don’t feel safe anymore in a place where we call home.

 “It’s time for the government to look deeply at what’s happening now and make a quick move.”

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