between the lines

Make it relevant, P.M.

Once again, the P.M. managed to deflect from his Government’s shortcomings and deliver a ridiculously rant.

Having informed the national sports organization and S.W.F. late on Monday afternoon that Government would award Ele’s medal early the next morning, they ensured that there was little time to inform schools and others.

Then to underscore his party’s lack of acknowledgement for Ele’s achievements, he barely touched on her Olympic success and proud record but instead attacked the national sports organization and S.W.F. for not making WADA and the Olympic Committee discover the drug cheats earlier.

Did he even bother to find out why it sometimes takes years after to pinpoint these drug cheats? Nope he just shot from the mouth as per usual.

Most sports people are aware of the fact that as fast as WADA tests and prove a particular drug has been used, guilty countries and organizations are already developing another that they hope will go undetected.

How the P.M. expects S.A.S.N.O.C and S.W.F to “hurry them up” is anybody’s guess. 

Anyway most people saw the inappropriate speech for exactly what it was.

And while we agree with the P.M. that the I.O.C. should take the Ele’s of this world to the next Olympic occasion and award them there, they don’t do that. So it was a chance for our government to step up and make it a memorable occasion for the right reasons. They didn’t.


Lose the gum 

Fewer things are more frustrating than waiting, waiting, waiting in a line at some banks and observing cashier staff chewing gum. The lazy motion of jaws flapping is a stark contrast to the fast, efficient service customers are actually seeking. And wouldn’t it be nice if just once in a while, all cashier booths were actually staffed to deal with the queues and the 30-40 minute wait rather than just there for decoration. 

Business owners are increasingly frustrated when they are paying their staff to spend inordinate amounts of time standing at some of these banks. It’s time for management to take a walk on the wild side and observe the lack of customer service they are becoming notorious for. 


Wishing I wasn’t here!

Obviously the awarding of an Olympic medal for the first Samoan ever, was not an occasion of even passing interest for a certain government C.E.O.

During the short ceremony in front of the Government building, several reporters pointed to her as she sat for the duration with earphones in her ears and played with her phone.

However a little respect for Samoa’s world rated athlete’s achievement was surely not too much to ask? As for lessons learned; remember sitting in the second or third row does not hide your obvious boredom and wish to be elsewhere. 


Hidden meanings

In some Polynesian cultures, torrential rain signifies an occasion of great importance. 

And while the weather was kind during the brief medal ceremony for Ele, it bucketed down later on around midday. Perhaps it was a bit like the award itself which didn’t come when it should have, but arrived later. Much later!

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