Your bravery commended

Dear Editor,


Interesting point raised by Palusalue about bribery and the elections. We expected this would be the case all along. Unfortunately, the witnesses will change their story once a high-ranking matai where witnesses reside are influenced to change their story. 

The Samoa society today has become an easily corrupt system. 

When a government suppresses its people for so long, it is easy to buy their soul/vote for very little. People are so desperate that they will perjured themselves for so much less or with a promised by a crook politician that his or her family will be cared for once he/she denies receiving money for vote. 

But they have no idea that once the corrupt is covered up, the politician will ignored any further contact. The politician will deny any tampering with a potential witness.

It will be hard for the opposition to win any petition. Even if they hire the best law firm. If we are to learn anything from past history of the world, it is how some of the most notorious dictators contain full power. Hitler and Saddam Husain come to mind.

Our people went to the voting boot with good intentions, but when they’re fronted with a promise of lavish living for a day, week or a moth, they forget all about the long term or the consequences of that decision. 

Whatever bright future they had in mind by voting for changes vanishes within that instance. Unfortunately, it is a by-product of being deprived of basic living needs by this party for over thirty years.

Good luck with efforts to pursue these claims and, I hope your party can expose these allegations. I hope the people who have first hand knowledge of these corrupt will be brave enough to stand with you for a Better and Progressive Samoa.


L. One


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