Dealing with the times

Dear Editor,

Re: Hardships, sorrows and blessings 

Thank you for the excellent editorial Mata’afa. 

You are absolutely right about how time is the essence of our existence. 

It’s that “thing” called time that forces us out of our comfort zone to meet the demand of something that doesn’t really exist but yet yearning for us humans to comply or else we will not eat if we work for a living.

The planetary system that control our lives are the nine visible orbs including the sun and the moon that create our solar system. 

The seven visible planets that creates the seven days of the week orbiting around the sun hence circumventing the time that we are experiencing here on earth.

Every holiday that we honor in any religious or festivities are attributed to the alignments of the stars above. Whether it’s a Jewish holiday, Christianity or Hindu or any other religion is because of the aforementioned reasons. Example; Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Tisheri in the Jewish religion. Easter and Christmas in Christianity etc.

Time controls our lives whether we like it or not. The solstice being the 21st of June the longest day of the year and Dec.21 being the longest night in winter. And the equinox being march 21 the start of spring equinox and Sept. 21 as vernal equinox are the two lines that intercept each other giving us the four “cardinal” points of four seasons.” Ole fuata ma lona lou”, “ Ole aso male filiga, ole aso fo’i male ma’a ta’igatila.” “Ole aso male mea e tupu ai.” These are some of the sayings in our own culture that correlates with time.

When these two lines intercepts, it forms the cross. 

The sign that’s been around for thousands of years that started from ancient Sumeria till now. It was valid then and it is still valid now. It’s not a devils sign that some institutions portray it to be. That’s the key of knowledge and understanding that are hidden in it. Pythagoras used it in 500 BC and others that followed like Albert Einstein etc. in calculating mathematical equations. 

The cross and the circle around it can be used scientifically and spiritually. 

The story of Jesus is in there, alchemy,math, science, astrology, music, alphabet you name it, its all there.That’s why in ancient times, its called the “The Wheel of God” as in the church settings it’s the “will of God.”

Enough on the technical side of time but on the spiritual side, its a reference point where we pivot our lives as a refraction point. 

How can we measure ourselves to our past experiences so we can learn from our mistakes? If the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is to “continue doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.” 

Why can’t we start learning from our mistake and move forward?

So without the presence of time, we will never exist in this mortal world we live in because there will be no past or future to gauge from our how, where, when and what in this complexity realm of reality we live in.

Leituala Roger B

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