Is your family climate-controlled?

Think a minute…What is your dream climate to live in? A warm one or a cold one? A sunny one or a rainy one? Did you know that you can live in the climate you have always wanted? I’m not talking about the weather climate, but the far more important climate of your home.

The daily mood of your marriage and family. Just like a garden lives and grows best in the right kind of climate, so does your family. 

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Do you let your environment control your home’s emotional temperature, or do you control the emotional temperature of your home? It is we ourselves who actually set and control the emotional climate in our family by the way we choose to talk and treat each other.

We choose to be  either hot-headed, impatient and angry, or we choose to be cold-hearted and distant from each other. The way we choose to react to our everyday problems, mistakes, and disagreements will determine the daily mood and feeling in our home. 

Do you wish your family was more peaceful and happy? That you and your spouse did not argue so much? That your kids were happier and more confident? Remember, no one is forcing you to live in that kind of unhappy atmosphere. It is your choice. You must decide to be the first one to change and control your own heart, moods, anger, impatience, conflict, worry, fear, etc. 

We need to remember that “A man is only as big as the things that make him angry.” There are only a few things in life truly worth getting upset about. Most of the little things we get angry about are not nearly as important as our family’s feelings that we hurt. So take a lesson from rocket science and “Count down before you blast off.”

Studies show that most of the tension in a family comes from using the wrong tone of voice. “More than what you say, it is how you say it” that determines how much peace, joy, and love that your family experiences each day. But you cannot have a peaceful, happy marriage and family until you yourself have inner peace, joy and self-control in your own heart. 

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your past anger, lack of self-control, and impatience with your family? Then ask Him to take full control of your heart and character, so you can start enjoying the happy, peaceful climate you want in your home every day of the year, regardless of the weather outside. Just think a minute…

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