Former Manu star optimistic

By Sarafina Sanerivi 01 May 2016, 12:00AM

Former Manu Samoa midfielder, Aumua To’o Vaega believes that Samoa has a bright future in rugby.

He has expectations that the new coach, Namulauulu Alama Ieremia and management of the Samoa Rugby Union led Faleomavaega Vincent Fepuleai will help bring back the glory days of the Manu Samoa.  He understands that coaching and managing a national team is no easy task, but he is optimistic.

“I am sure Faleomavaega and his team are working really hard in developing and improving our rugby team. It’s not an easy task, and I think our country should give them our support,” he said.

Putting our people first is Aumua’s message to the coach, players and management of Manu Samoa.   “Just because you are the coach, manager or whatever top position you hold doesn’t mean you own the whole team and you have the power over the team. Our national team is a team owned by our people, and they need to think about our people first.

“Putting our people’s first and work hard to satisfy our supporters and our country. They should work hard in order to represent our country with pride and dignity.”

He also added that honesty is another vital aspect of building a strong and successful team. 

“When you are honest with what you do, you will be rewarded,” he said. “All parts of the organisation need to work together in a very honest way. The coach needs to be honest with training and coaching his team; the players also need to be very honest with trainings, workouts and diets.

“We have different paths in life and different careers but whatever we were chosen to do; we are to work really hard in order to be successful. Honesty, hard work and commitment are what we need to succeed and it’s the same for rugby.”

As to his opinion on what makes a good team, Aumua said it is having people who are all passionate about the sport and are willing to represent the country with pride. “Most importantly, if they all put our people first and start from the basics.”

Aumua added that they team should remember that whenever they go out to play, they take the hearts and hopes of the country with them. 

Therefore, he believes that they should do everything they can to please our people and satisfy them. 

Nevertheless, he added that having the right attitude and discipline is very vital in rugby. 

“The boys need to be very careful of their behaviour on the field, because one mistake can put down our country’s name. It will make our country look bad.

“They need to focus all their energy on playing right and playing good instead of being show-offs on the field. Being a show-off is not the right way to do it.”

For Aumua, Samoa is where the heart is and he is always proud of his roots. 

“No matter where you go, people will know you are a Samoan because of the way you talk, walk, and act. Therefore, it’s very important to represent your country well and be proud of who you are.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 01 May 2016, 12:00AM

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