Something Samoan men can be proud of

In a country like Samoa, the power women have is significant.

You see it all around you, women taking care of a family, making big decisions, running how money is spent and not only that, women occupy many lead roles in Samoa.

For Siaosi Valelia, from the village of Sasina in Savaii, he believes that this is how women are very important and that we men have to keep them in the highest regard.

Aged 21, Siaosi explains that Samoan men should have pride in the way we view our women. Women are precious and they are the apple of her brother’s eye.

The young man says that Samoans are taught to respect and protect their sisters from a young age.

“In Samoa we are very well known for the way we men serve our ladies,” Siaosi told the Village Voice.

“Unlike many other nations around the world, we hold our women with the highest regard and that’s something that we as Samoan men should be proud of.

“We try our best to do all the hard work around the house and at the plantation because we don’t want our women to do the heavy work. Growing up, we are taught that our sister is the apple of our eye.

“So with those lessons embedded into our heads, it’s easy for us to treat all women as the apple of our eyes.”

There are some who don’t share that same idea but Siaosi urges all the men of Samoa to take pride in taking care of all women and showing them respect.

“I am sure not many men share this same Idea but I for one know the importance of having respect for my wife, mother, sister and other women,” he said.

“I hear about men beating up their wives and I think to myself, what has been taught to these men all their lives, it’s sad and it gets me really worked up.

“A true Samoan man knows that women are precious so if you lay a hand on another woman, you are no Samoan.”

And if you don’t respect our women, then Siaosi says that you are not a true Samoan.

“In going forward this year, it’s important that we men stand together and uphold our women,” he said.

“Especially in the village setting, we have to show that we care and that we are true Samoans. This unique belief that women are precious is something we men should have pride in.

“Looking at other nations, the men make the women do all the work; they clean, go to the plantation, cook and so much more.

“That’s not how it’s supposed to be and I am proud that we Samoan men have got it right.”

And as a husband at such a young age, Siaosi says he will do his best to uphold his belief in respecting and protecting his wife.

“For us young men, life is what it is,” he said.

“We wake up, do our daily chores, see if there’s anything else that needs to be done around the house and just try to be as productive as possible.

“I am from Savaii and I am married so it’s important for me to know my duties as a husband especially since I am living with my wife’s family (faiava).

“So my duty to my wife is important to me.”

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