Residents blame poor drainage for flooding

Sixty-year-old father and grandfather, Latu Latulei, of Taufusi says poor drainage is responsible for flooding in the area.

“Every year we have floods here and it’s mainly due to the poor drainage,” he told the Village Voice yesterday.

 “Personally, I think the government should look into this so we don’t have to face this problem over and over again.

“I don’t want to go into details of what’s happening now because they (leaders of Samoa) see it everyday . To be honest, we can’t continue this way.”

He believes the heavy rains presents a hazard to health.

“That’s the whole truth,” he said.

 “We all know that flood water is contaminated because heavy rain contains bacteria and germs and it’s not safe for us.

“The rainy season is also the time when dirty water is mixed with sewage. That’s not good for us especially our well being.”

The father described the situation as a nightmare.

 “I have grandchildren, we live together and we’re (him and his wife) concerned for their safety.

“The tap water flows well to this area, but to be honest, it’s not safe, especially during the rainy season.”

He said collecting rain water really helps.

“Collecting rain water to help our family especially for cooking and drinking really helps...yes we always treat it before drinking.

 “Also, no matter how much money we spend in buying bottles of water from nearby shops, we try our best to buy as many we can for us.

He said that ‘the past years, my children caught up with skin diseases and flu during heavy rains.

“But, I’ve just realised that the environment that we’re staying is not safe for us especially the children.

“That’s because of the carelessness of others and poor drainage to many part of Apia.

 The problem continues.

“One of my granddaughters didn’t go to school yesterday because of fever, I told her to stay home when I looked at her...she’s very sick.

 “This is really hard for us.

“Whenever it rains heavily, there are flash floods and it feels like we’re floating on the sea.

 “The smell from the nearby drainage is killing us all the time, especially during this time of rainy season.

Latu blames poor drainage systems.

“Poor drainage is the main cause of flooding that is currently affecting this area.” he said.

“You see, the water overflows all the times to many parts of the country when it rains.

“I think this shouldn’t be happening and my family isn’t the only family affected.

“As you can see, right beside our house is one of the main drainage, and so we’re expecting a foul smell after this rainy season.

“I worked with my wife early today to clear up the rubbish and we’re still waiting for L.T.A. to take these loads of rubbish to Tafa’igata as usual.

He feels that “If drainage flows well, we don’t have to worry but if selfish  people throw in rubbish and makes it hard for us to deal with every day then that a problem.

He went on to say that ‘looking at my children’s health is something I take as my first priority.

“I want to make sure that my children are safe, they drink clean water...they sleep well at night...

 “As you can see I always make sure to boil water for my children and I think that’s the message to many families around town this now.

“Yes, health and safety is very important.”

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