Workplace checkup (Part 2)

Think a minute…Since we spend so much of our life at our workplace, it is important to see what unhealthy conditions we can start changing to improve our daily lives on the job. Let’s complete our checkup we started yesterday.  

A fifth symptom of an unhealthy workplace is “sleep-working,” similar to sleepwalking. Your body is there, but your heart is not. Your enthusiasm and expectation of a good career that you first had when you started this job is gone.

Now you spend more of your time daydreaming at work, escaping through personal phone calls, the Internet, the coffee/tea room, or other non-work activities. You may have lost all hope of ever moving up in your job and career.

Another symptom of an unhealthy workplace is where hardworking, honest go-getters and innovators are criticized, mocked, even penalized. Your ideas for improving things are rejected and put down, not only by your fellow-workers, but also by your boss and manager.

This can become the crippling, crushing effect of the “tall poppy syndrome” that wants to keep everyone down at the same level.

Even if the employee who wants to improve is not going to hinder his fellow workers, still they do not want him to succeed at helping the business grow, simply because of their petty jealousy.

So every day you are surrounded by insecure, lazy, small thinkers who hold you down from achieving the career you could have. Sadly, because they do not want to have the discipline and drive for a better career, they do not want anyone else to have it either. 

The final test in your workplace checkup is to ask yourself: Do I make a difference or do I just make a dollar? At the end of my life, what difference will my life’s work have made? Will I have used my abilities and personality to help improve my family and community? 

Today, why don’t you ask the One Who gave you all your abilities to take charge, so you can maximize them for His honor and other people’s good, including your own.

Jesus may guide you to a different job; or He may want you to stay at your present workplace. Remember, only He can give you His true wisdom, strength, and love to influence your fellow workers to start changing your work environment into a healthy, happy one for everyone. 

Just think a minute… 

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