Public eye reforms but want more women in Parliament

03 February 2019, 12:00AM



The Government’s reforms, which recently lead to legislative changes and the creation of a new seat in the Parliament after the 2021 General Election, has become a talking point amongst members of the public. Reporter Talaia Mika and photographer Misiona Simo meet members of the public to get their views on the issue. 




Kerisimasi Mau, 67, Lelepa Savaii

The blessings in a country come from those whom we’ve chosen as our leaders and this is in reference to the Members of the Parliament. Whatever decisions they make up there should be for the betterment of the country, so increase or decrease, the number of Electoral Constituencies or the number of the Members of the Parliament – the load is on their shoulders.



Satele Asovale Taala, 53, Falelauniu

I know the Government is working on developing and promoting our nation in a different level. Other districts have fewer voters and it’s up to the Government and the Parliament to decide. But whatever they decide should be for the development of our country and not something else. I also prefer that they put more women into the Parliament because we all know when talking about gender equality, it’s a bit unfair. So that’s my other concern. I would really love it if there are more women in the Parliament.


Russel Tuaia Seumanutafa, 21, Vaoala

I don’t really understand why they had to add another Electoral Constituency or Member of Parliament.  But to me, either good or bad intensions, the blame will be on them if ever this leads to corruption. On the gender equality level, I also prefer that they put more women in the Parliament, not only for gender equality but also for the public to see if it can make any changes to the leadership of Samoa – that’s been forever the talk of the years.


Samuelu Sooalo, 20, Vaoala

I actually want to know the risks of this new amendment bill to the voters and the districts as I know everyone is interested in the Government and their news due to corruption concerns. And if their decisions lead to corruption then I prefer that they don’t change anything at all. I am a voter myself and I want what’s best for my country. 


Latu Esau, 20, Vaitele Uta

With this new Amendment Bill, I guess it’s for the development of our country. It would also be nicer to have more females at the leadership level because for all I know and as reference to the article, the 10 per cent of females as Members of Parliament hasn’t even moved a bit. I prefer that they put more women on the Parliament, especially now that they have increased the number of Electoral Constituencies and the number of the Members of the Parliament.


03 February 2019, 12:00AM

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