Samoa and Columbia

Dear Editor,

Re: Gangsters of paradise

This is exactly how the drug and gang cartels started in Columbia. 

The gangs and drug lords helped the poor because the government in Columbia ignored their pleas for help. The government in Columbia was corrupt and only addressed the needs of the wealthy which created a gap between the very rich and the very disenfranchised poor masses. 

Finally the drug lords began to look after the needs of the poor. The poor often protected the drug lords from the police, which were just the instruments of the government to brutalize the poor. 

It is only in the last few years that the Colombian government who started to become accountable to the poor and less corrupt that they have been able to clean up some of the problems associated with the drug lords and gangs. 

Maybe Samoa will have to evolve like Columbia did. It’s too bad the people of Samoa can’t just look at Columbia as an example of how not to function and get rid of the H.R.P.P now before the gangs really take control and start helping the poor to have a better life because the government and clergy in Samoa are derelict in their duties to the poor. 

It’s better for everyone if an honest, transparent, accountable government looks after all people in their society and not just the wealthy. The society just functions better all around.


Wendy Wonder 

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